Khandaker Foysal Haque

Research Assistant,
Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things
Roux Institute
Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA


I am a Research Assistant (RA) in professor Restuccia’s lab at the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things , Northeastern University. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at NEU with a research focus on MU-MIMO, IEEE 802.11ax, IoT, Software Defined Radio, Machine Learning in Wireless Networking, Hardware accelerated ML, and Embedded Systems. My research focus is on the intersection of wireless networking, embedded systems, and Machine Learning. This also includes vehicular communications and underwater wireless sensor networks.

selected publications

  1. Journal
    Comprehensive Performance Analysis of Zigbee Communication: An Experimental Approach with XBee S2C Module
    Haque, Khandaker Foysal, Abdelgawad, Ahmed, and Yelamarthi, Kumar
    Sensors, 2022
  2. Conf.
    A LoRa Based Reliable and Low Power Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Communication Architecture
    Haque, Khandaker Foysal, Abdelgawad, Ahmed, Yanambaka, Venkata P, and Yelamarthi, Kumar
    In 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems (iSES)(Formerly iNiS) 2020
  3. Journal
    Lora architecture for v2x communication: An experimental evaluation with vehicles on the move
    Haque, Khandaker Foysal, Abdelgawad, Ahmed, Yanambaka, Venkata Prasanth, and Yelamarthi, Kumar
    Sensors 2020
  4. Journal
    A deep learning approach to detect COVID-19 patients from chest X-ray images
    Haque, Khandaker Foysal, and Abdelgawad, Ahmed
    AI 2020
  5. Journal
    Advancement of routing protocols and applications of underwater wireless sensor network (UWSN)—A survey
    Haque, Khandaker Foysal, Kabir, K Habibul, and Abdelgawad, Ahmed
    Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks 2020